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Tristan Verburgt

Tristan is an experienced trial attorney with a rich background in criminal and civil law. As a Deputy District Attorney in Santa Barbara and Shasta County, Tristan concluded multiple cases at trial, including domestic violence, life cases, and violent felonies. He managed a caseload of serious and violent felonies, gang cases, domestic violence, white collar, and elder abuse cases. He has also defended a multitude of clients in his criminal defense practice.
Tristan spent several years as a plaintiff's attorney specializing in employment disputes, including discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, wage and hour, and wrongful termination claims. He has also conducted sexual harassment investigations on behalf of employers and helps businesses maintain compliance with wage and hour laws.

B.A, Political Science,  UC San Diego
J.D., Univ. of San Francisco School of Law
Licensed to Practice: California and Texas
A.D.R. Certification, University of Arizona

Molly Thurmond

Molly is a litigator with over 30 years experience, and a mediator for the last five years. She has a diverse legal background in addition to her extensive public entity representation. She worked as an attorney for the United States District Court in Saipan, the director of litigation for a multi-national corporation, writer and editor for legal publishing companies, and in-house corporate counsel. She has also successfully argued several cases before the California and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals.
Molly’s creative and innovative approach to her law practice is rooted in her zeal for overcoming complex and challenging issues that cannot be resolved through traditional processes and arguments.

B.Sc., Economics, UCLA
J.D., University of San Diego
Dispute Resolution Crt., Straus Institute
Mediation Certification, California State University Dominguez Hills

Amy Scott

Amy is the team's office manager, marketing director, and paralegal, but, more than that, she prides herself at being able to see a dispute from all sides. Her open-communication style and always-friendly attitude allows others to quickly gain her trust, and the confidence others place in her is a privilege she does not take lightly. She excels at helping people enjoy their work, at building partnerships and fostering relationships, at building trust, and at making collaboration as seamless as possible. Furthermore, she shines in her ability to calmly work under pressure, and to create a stress-free environment to ensure that deadlines are met. Prior to joining KVT Law, Amy primarily worked in civil litigation. She is an avid tennis player who still plays competitvely while balancing her work and being a new parent.

A.A., Liberal Studies & Criminal Justice, Santa Barbara City College
Paralegal Certificate, UCSB

Cyrus Khosh-Chashm

Cyrus is a litigator with a passion for defending his clients to the fullest, and as the spouse of a physician, his particular passion is defending medical professionals.  He has successfully defended academic institutions and educators, public entities, and non-profit organizations. Whatever the nature of the claim, Cyrus relentlessly pursues every avenue to ensure his clients’ rights are protected to the utmost.
Cyrus’ success comes not only from his legal abilities, but also from his genuine interest in people. He is a true citizen of the world, having lived in Nepal, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, and India. His interest in exploring and understanding the stories and motivations of litigants has made him excel in alternative dispute resolution by thinking beyond the claims and defenses in dispute.

B.Sc., Economics, Arizona State University
J.D., University of Arizona
M.B.A., University of Arizona
A.D.R. Certification, University of Arizona

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